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Prince George’s County Council is voting on Project Labor Agreements and Responsible Contractor language on Prince George’s County Projects.


Help us support County Bills that protect workers, hires local, and protects taxpayer dollars.

Prince George’s County Needs a Project Labor Agreement


Prince George’s County leaders promised a new path forward when it came to expanding opportunities for our children through new school development. Local workers would be brought to the table and assist in this endeavor. Together we can all create a plan to tackle the issues of overcrowding through new and remodeled schools while ensuring local workers are paid fair wages and benefits. The proposed Project Labor Agreement (PLA) proposed by leaders in Prince George’s County will help us meet this goal.


PLAs are transparent, fair, and mutually agreed upon contracts that truly benefit everyone in a community. With a mixture of public and private investment being used for the long overdue upgrades to our schools, we need all parties working together to ensure skilled labor builds our children’s schools, and local workers receive the pay and benefits from these projects.


Currently, Prince George’s County is feeling the negative effects of not having a PLA. Time and again we are seeing lawsuits against contractors who are mismanaging projects and leaving workers without their rightful pay. Work on the P3 Blueprint School Project has received negative attention because of a lawsuit against the contractor for worker misclassification, not paying taxes, and not paying overtime. Prince George’s County cannot let this embarrassment continue. Prince George’s County needs a PLA!


Prince George’s County billion-dollar school project hit by lawsuits, allegations of unpaid labor and misclassification

Prince George’s County, needs to launch a full-scale investigation into wage theft and misclassification on publicly funded projects,” Lamar Mutts, Council Representative for the Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters says.”

Prince George’s County Needs to Stand Up and Speak Out

What can parents, local workers, and leaders do to help? We can all speak up and tell our local leaders that we need them to keep their promise and move forward now with the proposed project labor agreements that will provide better education for our children. Use the form below to remind our leaders that we cannot wait any longer. The proposed PLA will ensure:

  •  A construction plan to be completed on time and within a taxpayer-funded budget
  • Local workers to build our schools
  • Higher quality of work and safer conditions on school projects
  • Better educational opportunities for our children

Prince George’s County Residents Support the PLA

From parents to workers,
Prince George’s County residents support the proposed PLA. Hear directly from them.”